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24 Jun 2019
Singapore Press Holdings
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Learn from New York Times on getting subscriptions

I just subscribed to New York Times for $1 USD a week for 1 year. After 1 year, it increases to $3 a week. I am allowed to cancel the subscription at any time.

I find the weekly fee to be fair and attractive. That is why I signed.

I may continue after the first year at $3 a week, as I find it to be acceptable.  However, I will decide later. It depends on how often I access the website.

The registration procedure is simple. I am allowed to sign in with Facebook, which I did. I pay using Paypal.

The entire process was completed within 1 minute.

I like to give this suggestion to Singapore Press Holdings. Follow the New York Times. You are likely to get more subscribers to your newspapers.

As a feedback. A week ago, I tried to sign up with Business Times. I gave up as I find the pricing (after the promotion period) to be too high. The registration process was complicated.

Tan Kin Lian

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