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23 Jun 2019
Movement for change
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Working in the gig economy

Many people have the opinion that driving a private hire car or deliver food is a job of last resort. Older people who lost their jobs or young people who cannot find a job are forced to take up these jobs because they have to make a living.

We need to change this mindset.

These jobs are good jobs. They provide flexibility and the opportunity for the operators to earn more by working harder. The service is in high demand by end customers.

The jobs also require skill and experience, which can be accumulated over the years. With the experience, the operators can improve their productivity and customer service.

I have met many Grab drivers who took up this job to supplement their current job, or even to quit an existing job that does not seem to be so meaningful

In the old days, it was respectable to be a postman, taxi driver or a milk delivery man. 

We should consider these jobs to be an important part of the new economy and treat them as respectable and good jobs.

Tan Kin Lian

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