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22 Jun 2019
Common sense
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Be active in making our voice heard

I saw a poster - Somebody should act on this problem. I realized that I am somebody.

It is important that every one who sees some problem that needs to be rectified should make their voice heard about the issue and be ready to join others to take collective action.

In some countries, they can take part in a protest or demonstration. Sadly, this is not allowed in Singapore. 

However, they are other channels, such as the social media. They can make their voice heard in social media. 

For their contribution to be credible and noticed, they need to set out their views and supporting reasons clearly. Or they can vote to express their support for a suggestion that is put out by another person.

I create the website called Wisdom of the Crowd to allow the ordinary people to vote on the topical issues that are created every week.

The participation in some of these topics is quite low, say less than 50. I get suggestions and remarks from some people that the results are not credible. These commenters probably did not participate. If they do not participate, how can the results be more credible? Who do they expect will be voting, if they do not do so?

The active participants should also encourage their friends to participate.

Let us be more active in making our voice heard.

Tan Kin Lian

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