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22 Jun 2019
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Password to access websites

Many websites require a password of a certain format, such as a combination of different types of characters, i.e. capital, small, numbers, special characters.

In some cases, they make it mandatory for the password to be changed at certain intervals and disallow a password used in the past.

This protocol is intended to improve the security and to prevent another person to access the website using another person's credentials.

This has caused a lot of problem for ordinary users. Most users have to create several dozen passwords to access different websites. They cannot keep track of all the passwords and the changes. They need a separate tool to keep track of these passwords.

The tech savvy use may download a separate app to store all the passwords on the device. This may create a problem for a user is accessible the websites with different devices, e.g. mobile and desktop.

Other users have to write down the password in a notebook or to save them in a Cloud document. They trust that the Cloud storage has sufficient security against hackers.

Some browsers provide an option for the user to remember the passwords in the browser. This is helpful to some extent. However, it has its security risk.

Most websites now provide an option for the user to login with Facebook or Google. This is convenient but may not be sufficient secure.

I suggest that designers of websites take the following points into consideration when they design the security level of their websites:

a) Most websites do not provide critical information. There is no need to have a high level of security for the password. They should allow the user to use any password of his or her choice, and do not force the password to be changed. The password can be up to 16 characters, with no other restrictions.

b) The user can be given the choice to have a second level security (2FA) by using a OTP pin sent to their mobile phone.

c) A high level of security is required for Facebook, Google and other active social media that are used as gateways to access other websites. These social media platforms have handled the security quite well.

d) Popular websites should provide the option for the user to use a social media platform as a gateway to access their account.

I hope that designers of websites consider this points to make their websites easy for the public to use.

Tan Kin Lian

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