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21 Jun 2019
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Tesla may be ahead in self driving cars

I heard an interesting view expressed by an analyst that is bullish on Tesla. (The majority of analysts are still negative on Tesla).

This analyst said that Tesla has leased many cars to drivers. At the end of the lease, the cars are returned to Tesla.

Tesla will be able to use the data that is recorded in the cars to do machine learning and improve their self driving algorithm.

This will put Tesla a few years ahead of competitors in the self driving market.

The market for self driving cars will be a very large one, perhaps in the trillion of dollars.

Although he did not mention it, I think it is also possible for Tesla to ask their customers to share their data, maybe for a modest payment.

In developing the intelligent algorithms for self driving, the access to data is critical. Tesla appears to be ahead of all of their competitors in this field.

Tan Kin Lian

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