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29 May 2019  (1132 Views) 
Immigration and Checkpoint Authority

How Canada handles immigration

I do not like the manner in which Singapore issues work pass for foreigners to live and work in Singapore. 

The authority does not carry out proper checks. They depend on documents submitted by the applicant and the employer.

My friend wants to migrate to Canada. I ask him how is the process adopted by Canada. He shared this information: 

1. To migrate to Canada, you have to apply to be a PR first. After approval you can migrate there and start looking for a job.

2. Canada adopts a score-based system to screen the applications. To quality, the applicant must:

a) Have two high-education qualifications (i.e. diploma AND degree etc) with one being 3-year study [OR] get a master’s degree

b) Pass the IELTS - English Language Test and meet this standard (Listening: Band 8, Other skills: Band 7)

c) The favourable age band is between 20 - 30. (As you grow older, you score declined)

If you manage to get the cut-off score, you will receive Invitation to Apply (ITA).

After received of ITA, the applicant must provide the following documents within 60 days:

a) Health screening report
b) Certificate of Clearance from the Singapore and the home country
c) Work Reference Letters (these can be obtained earlier before ITA)

The applicant has to wait for about 6 months to receive Passport Request (PPR). Once PPR received, we have to send passports to Canada to get visa stamped on them.

3. This is a direct PR. Like Singapore, Canada has Re-Entry Permit but it is more flexible. You just need to stay there for some specified number of years to get renewal.

4. They do have thorough security check. No outsiders will know exactly how they conduct the check but on Internet forums, some claim that they check with US agencies like FBI to see whether applicant has any linked to terror cells or is under some watch list. They do not carry out any face-to-face interview or test.

Tan Kin Lian

Vote - do you agree that Canada has a better way to handle immigration, compared to Singapore? 


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