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29 May 2019  (380 Views) 
Movement for change

My friend saw the article in the Straits Times about the NRIC episode.

He said - you are a public figure. Do not be seen gambling.

I replied - I do not mind being seen in the jackpot machine in Genting Dream. (We go on cruise together).

I am no hypocrite. If people can gamble on a cruise, so can I. There is nothing wrong about gambling - provided we can exercise self control.

This is how many elderly people pass their time and enjoy their retirement.

Sure, some people got into trouble with gambling. Most of them will give up when they lose more than they can afford. Some cannot, but that is life.

Actually, you can only see me in the casino watching other people play the jackpot machine or the gambling tables.

I do not participate, because it does not thrill me.

Of course, I now operate a speculative portfolio in the stock market. I do not pretend. It is also gambling.

Do not read this message that I am encouraging people to gamble. I do not encourage them.

But I do not try to tell them what they should or should not do. They can decide for themselves. They are old enough.

Tan Kin Lian

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