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29 May 2019  (531 Views) 
Movement for change

Be aware and not gullible

A video is circulating in WhatsApp about small pineapples from Thailand. It said that these pineapples are mixed with cyclamic acid and rejected by a health authority.

Several people reacted to the video and said that they will throw away the pineapples that they bought recently.

Later, it was found that the video was 2 years old and affected only one brand of pineapple. Someone even thought that it might be circulated by a competitor.

I do not blindly believe in any videos or news that are being circulated. I usually ignore circulation of videos in chat groups.

I do not open chat group videos, unless the sender gives a short summary of its content.

We should also be aware about news spread in the mainstream media. They often have a purpose to "brainwash" the public on behalf of the establishment. 

It is quite common for people to form opinion and judgment without checking the facts and understanding the issues. We should be aware and not so gullible.

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