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27 May 2019  (798 Views) 
Ministry of Home Affairs

Retain the passport number on renewal
Someone said that the Singapore's passport number changes every five years with each renewal. This creates headache for many especially those working overseas.

They probably need to register their passport number for work or business permits and have to update the number.

When buying an overseas property or opening a bank account, the owner has to provide the passport number for identification. This can be a hassle with each change of the passport number.

In the old days, the NRIC was also used as the passport number. The NRIC does not change.

If the NRIC cannot be used as the passport number, it is better for the same passport number to be used for each renewal.

If there is a need to show a separate number for the passport, it should be possible to use the primary number that does not change, and a separate number that changes on each renewal. The primary number can be used as a permanent means of identification.

Tan Kin Lian
Vote - do you agree that the passport number should be retained on each renewal?


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