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26 May 2019
Movement for change
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Abuse of power

Someone sent to me a list of happenings that he described as abuse of power in Singapore. He said that the abuse is as bad as what happened during the Najib government in Malaysia. 

Here are the abuses:

a) Appointing the PM's wife to head the sovereign fund.
b) Keeping the remuneration of the PM's wife as a secret
c) Introducing the GRC system
d) Introducing the reserved presidential system and qualifying a questionable candidate
e) Appointing a "non-independent" person as attorney general and auditor general
f) Passing a law to make a one person protest as an illegal assembly
g) Passing the fake news law to stifle dissent and criticism of government policy
h) Lack of transparency and accountability
i) Passing a law to stop foreigners to pass comments that "interfere in domestic politics" but allowing a pro-establishment foreigner to do so
j) Appointing people from a closed circle into positions of power 
k) Continuing with the practice of the election commission and CPIB reporting to the prime minister
l) Questionable legal actions taken by PM against selected people 

He used descriptions that are more colorful (e.g. cronies), but I have changed them to be more polite.

Tan Kin Lian

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