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26 May 2019
Privacy and Data Protection Act
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Do not over-react to data privacy issue

Someone said that many people are paranoid about data privacy and over-react to data breaches.

He is not suggested that the data should be freely exposed.

However, if there are hackers who took the trouble and risk to hack into a database and can get access to email address, contact number or NRIC, so what?

What can the hacker do?

Sure, they hacker can publish the information, but who is really interested in accessing the information and using them?

Even if someone is interested, he (i.e. the commercial buyer) stand the risk of being arrested for wrongful use of the data.

Some data breaches involve hundred of million records. What can anyone do with it.

This person pointed out that the most sensitive data are the credit card number and the password. In most cases, the data breaches do not involve them.

I agree with this person's view. I do not understand why our mainstream media should make a big issue and give front page coverage to data breaches involving the non-sensitive records of a few thousand people.

Tan Kin Lian

Vote - do you agree that there is no need to over react to breaches of non-sensitive data?


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