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24 May 2019
Movement for change
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Be fair and factual in giving comments

I have seen many people giving their views and comments based on wrong facts. They said that the delay in crossing the causeway and 2nd link is mainly caused by the Malaysian side. 

I have traveled to Johor and back on may occasions by car and by bus. Let me share my experience of the travel over the past two years. 

a) The clearance at the 2nd link on the Johor side is fast and hassle free. It is slower on the Johor side of the causeway due to large crowd, but the processing is quite fast. I did experience some long delay but it happens quite rarely.

b) I have experienced a few occasions of long delays on the Singapore side due to slow computer system and the inability of the officers to take immediate action to take corrective actions. However, this does not happen often. At other times, the clearance through the automated gates is quite fast. 

c) For travel by car, I often find the time taken to clear the Singapore side is twice of the time taken to clear the Johore side. This occurs in both directions, i.e. entering Johore and Singapore. The common reason given is that the Singapore side is more stringent in checking the cars. I believe that it is due to other reasons, i.e. inefficiency and lack of manpower. 

d) I checked the "Beat the Jam" app on many occasions. It confirmed my observation that the time taken on the Singapore side is usually two times of the Johor side. There are times in which the Johor side took longer, but this is the exception. This applies to travel by cars, rather than bus.

e) Singaporeans can use the automated gates and usually the time taken is short. However, if they have to use the manual checking (which applies to foreigners), the time taken can be unacceptably long.

There are some people who do not know the facts, but they keep blaming the Johor side for the long time taken to pass the two checkpoints. From my observation, the fault lies more on the Singapore side. 

Tan Kin Lian

Vote - do you agree that the Singapore side takes a longer time to process the CIQ clearance, compared to the Johor side?


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