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23 May 2019
Land Transport Authority
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Make full use of the KTM line along the causeway

The Malaysian govt has decided to delay the construction of the
Rapid Transit System (RTS) due to cost. Even if it goes ahead as planned, it will take 5 years to be ready.

I cannot understand why both governments refuse to consider increasing the number of trips on the KTM train between Singapore and Johore Bahru.

Currently, it operates 31 trips a day - 17 trips from JB to Singapore and 14 trips back.

The journey time is 5 minutes.

If the line is used fully, it should be possible to pack 6 trips every hour or 108 trips over 18 hours from 6 a to midnight.

This will be more than 3 times the current capacity.

By using a side rail on both sides, it should be possible to further double the capacity, i.e. 6 times of the current capacity.

If each train can take 250 passengers, the KTM train service can handle 54,000 passengers a day. This will take away 15% of the total travellers.

I hope that both governments give priority to make full use of the KTM line to increase the capacity by 3 or 6 times.

I cannot understand why this idea is not being explored.

I get the sad feeling that the government only wants to spend large sums of money on infrastructure, rather than find an efficient and low cost solution.

Tan Kin Lian

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