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21 May 2019
Movement for change
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Non PAP strategy for next general election

The non PAP parties can adopt the following strategy to contest the next general election. 

a) They can contest as separate parties but they should agree to avoid three corner fights. They have achieved this understanding in 2015 and can continue with the same strategy.

b) The aim is to for the non PAP parties to win sufficient seats to deny a two third majority for the PAP in the next Parliament.

c) Each party can adopt its own manifesto to focus on the unwise policies of the PAP that has led to high cost of living, insecurity of jobs, a broken down CPF system, a broken down HDB system, high health care cost, difficulty of raising a family, lack of transparency and accountability, arrogance, excessive salaries for ministers, etc. 

d) The non PAP parties should and will be able to field credible and well qualified candidates, as there are many people willing to come forward to see a different political environment.

e) The key goal is to deny the two third majority of the PAP so that they have to change their current policies and listen to the people. 

Tan Kin Lian

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