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20 May 2019
Movement for change
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Why the current govt will fall

Rachel Ash said.
Mr Tan
Why do we keep assuming that the ruling party would continue to be the next government? Though I suspect, they would be, but a "lie repeated long enough may become truth".

It is still very early to conclude either with plenty of wild cards at hand:
1. Lee family saga - sibling rivalry may be the tipping point with the kitchen sink thrown in,
2. First in modern history ex-PAP member become opposition including ex-loyal members speaking up though measured,
3. "accomplices in the past" are spilling the beans such as former journalists,
4 Good persons stepping up to make Singapore a more equitable and inclusive society including your good self,
4. A pile of unfavorable policies being rammed down the throat of citizens including taxes (water / GST), POFMA, CPF, Housing, Healthcare, Education) which affects almost everyone living on this tiny dot,
5. Citizens being made to feel 2nd or sometimes even 3rd class citizens - NS defending who?, SME are sidelined for MNC,
6. Apparent indiscriminate speeding - white elephant infra-structure projects,
7. Concerned relationships with our neighbors and internationally,
8 etc too many to write.
In any case, these are ALL observations and opinions, and are NOT facts. PS: HSK may be a good man but we need more than a good man to bring Singapore forward in this challenging times.

I agree with you that the current govt will fall, but it will take 10 to 20 years. In the meantime, we have to live with them.

Vote - do you agree that the govt will fall within the next 10 to 20 years, if not immediately.


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