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10 May 2019  (827 Views) 
Political systems

Life under a communist system
For people who think communism is bad for people, I want to share these observations.

Fifteen years ago, I asked a Russian retired woman whether life was better in Russia under democracy or when it was under communism.

She replied - life was better under the communist system.

Why? Although they wages were low and products were scarce, the cost of living was also low. The workers have security of jobs. They can work and have leisure time to enjoy culture and spend time with their family.

I met a West German recently. He told me that many people in East Germany also felt that life was better for them when they were under a communist system.

Most people were influenced by the propaganda of the western media to look at the bad side of the communist system. But the ordinary people who lived for decades under that system could see its benefits.

Tan Kin Lian

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