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10 May 2019  (368 Views) 
Land Transport Authority

Using milestones to identify location on a road
When Singapore was under the British administration, the long roads were marked with milestones. For example, Serangoon Road and Bukit Timah Road were identified with 3 milestone, 4 milestone, 5 milestone etc. 

This is a practical and convenient way to identify the various spots on the road. For example, if you need to turn to a side road, the first instruction is to pass a certain milestone and then to make a turn.

In modern Singapore, we have ceased the use of the milestone (or the km stone). We miss a convenient notation. 

For example, we now identify bus stops along Ang Mo Kio Av 3 as Blk 151, Blk 101, Opp Daikin Spore, Blk 5022, Opp Blk 565, Blk 452, Blk 427, etc. It is quite difficult to keep track, unless the passenger refers to an online map.

It will be better to number the bus stops as 1.2 km, 1.6 km, 2.1 km, 2.5 km, 5.0 km along Ang Mo Kio Ave 3. 

I have encountered many examples of using a bad approach to naming roads, bus stops, and other places. This is just one of them. 

I wish our planners uses common sense or learn from the good practice of other countries.

Tan Kin Lian

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