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20 Apr 2019  (596 Views) 
Movement for change

Financial control over large expenditure
Dr. Mahathir, PM of Malaysia, was unhappy with the large sums that were spent by the previous Najib administration on infrastructure projects. He felt that the sums were excessive and suspected corrupt practices.

He canceled the projects but was prepared to re-negotiate the terms of the contracts. He was able to achieve significant cost savings by changing the original design and getting a better deal from the contractors.

As the PM, he was able to take the top level decision to achieve a better outcome for this country. He was assisted by a capable and trusted aide.

Singapore faces the same challenge. We are also spending too much on our infrastructure projects. Some of these projects were not necessary and could be avoided or cheaper solutions could be found.

We need to have someone at a senior level to take the leadership and decide what is and is not acceptable.

Maybe, we should study from Dr. Mahathir or appoint him as an adviser to the Singapore govt? Just joking, okay?

Tan Kin Lian


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