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20 Apr 2019  (718 Views) 

Show your support and solidarity
Someone told me that his friend X refused to sign this petition because of this para - If the actions of EMA had been unwise and had caused severe losses to Hyflux, should the government compensate Hyflux and its investors for these losses?

X said that he does not want, as a tax payer, to pay a higher tax, if the government has to compensate the investors.

I was angry at the stupidity and selfishness of X. He does not realized that the compensation that the govt needs to pay, at the very most, is $1 billion.

This is not likely to happen, as it depends on the finding of the commission of inquiry and the fair formula to compensate for the damages.

Even if the compensation is $1 billion, it will not dent the coffers of the govt. They are spending $4.85 billion for the last three stations of the Circle Line and the $1.75 billion to build the Jewel in Changi.

If X does not want his tax to be increased, he should complain about the large sums that are being spend on infrastructure, some of which are not necessary.

We need to support and show solidarity with the unsophisticated investors who are caught in the Hyflux debacle and stand to suffer large losses.

If you agree, vote to support this petition.

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