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12 Apr 2019
Ministry of Transport
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is the Jewel inside or outside the airport?

This will be an interesting test of the capability of our planners.

Should the Jewel in Changi be "inside" the airport, so that it can be accessed by transit passengers?

Or should it be "outside" the airport, so that it can be accessed by the public or by passengers before passing through immigration?

If it is "outside" the airport, special arrangement will have to be made for transit passengers to leave the airport and to re-enter the airport after visiting the Jewel.

By "inside the airport", I am referring to the part after the passenger has cleared the immigration.

The Jewel cannot be both "inside" and "outside" the airport as it can be a security concern.

Talking about security, there is a big risk of a terrorist bringing explosives into the Jewel as any serious damage will also bring down the airport operation.

My guess is that the Jewel will be "inside" the airport.

Right now, during the publicity phase, the non-travelling public will be allowed to visit the Jewel. Maybe, at a later date, they will be available only to the travellers.

Will our planners be able to get this issue right? I hope so - for their sake and for Singapore.

Vote on this issue - the Jewel is good for Singapore


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