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11 Apr 2019
Movement for change
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Give helpful and constructive comment

One reader posted a remark - TKL behaves likes the PAP minister, delete comments that disagree with him from his Facebook page. 

This reader is either stupid or a liar. 

I do not delete comments that disagree with me. I delete comments that are rude and offensive. 

I welcome comments that are helpful in giving a better understand of the topic. The comments may agree or disagree with my views. I like to see the dissenting view posted with a good reason and logic, and preferably with a reference to the facts.

If the differing views are not supported by facts, they are not helpful. They cause confusion and are disruptive. These comments are deleted.

I also delete comments that are posted to be offensive, such as making personal attacks (against me or other people) or comments that are not related to the topic.  I also do not like comments that are vented out of anger and are not properly considered. 

The deleted comments come from the following sources:

a) People who come to my page with the intention to create confusion, offense or misinformation. These people may be paid to carry out this harmful activity. 
b) People believe that the social media allows them offensive. Well, they are wrong.
c) People who likes to pass judgment on other people, based on their narrow perspective and logic. The views are offensive and disrespectful.

All of these comments are deleted. Repeat offenders are banned.

I welcome comments that adds to a better understanding of the topic. I like the comments to be well considered and constructive.

Tan Kin Lian


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