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11 Apr 2019
Movement for change
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An united party against PAP

Many people like to see the non PAP parties unite under a single banner against the PAP in the next general election.

A year ago, the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) called a meeting and that meeting invited Dr. Tan Cheng Bock to lead an united opposition. Nine month passed, and the united opposition did not materialize. Dr. Tan decided to form his own party. 

I know what happened behind the scenes. I like to share my perspective and to give some encouragement to the voters who want to see a "new government".

Here is what has happened. It was difficult for the non PAP parties to unite as many of the leaders seem to have a low opinion of some of the other leaders.  Instead of looking at their strengths, they look at the weaknesses. 

It is difficult to form a united party or to contest under a common banner with this kind of mindset.

The next best approach is for the parties to agree to avoid three corner fights. Can they agree?

I believe that they can. They did it in the recent general elections in 2011 and 2015.

It may be more difficult to avoid a 3 corner fight in2019/20 as two new parties have been formed - the People Voice Party (under Lim Tean) and Progress Singapore Party (under Dr. Tan). 

In spite of this new environment, I believe that they can still agree to avoid a three corner fight.

The larger parties, i.e. Worker Party and the Singapore Democratic Party, had announced that their strategy is to deny the PAP the two third majority in Parliament.  I agree with this strategy, as it is realistic and is helpful.

When the PAP loses its two third majority in Parliament, they will have to change many of their bad policies. They will know that they will be out of government after five years, if they continue to pursue the bad policies. 

I consider this to be a "new government". It is a government with new policies, even though it continues to be the PAP. This will be a good outcome for Singapore.

To achieve this outcome, I call on voters who wish to see a "new government" to vote non PAP at the next general election. The PAP will still continue to be in government, either with a majority or with a coalition partner, but they will have to change their policies.

The voters do not have to worry that the non PAP parties are not ready to run the country. The chance of it happening is remote.

Tan Kin Lian

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