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11 Apr 2019
Ministry of Education
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Difficult for PEI graduates to get jobs

An article in TODAY newspaper showed that 27.2% of fresh graduates from private education institutes (PEI) were either unemployed, or in part-time/ temporary employment even 6 months after graduation.

Private education is not the first-choice education route for any average family students. They are ‘consolation prizes’ for our young people who failed to earn a place in our tertiary institutions and they are expensive for many working class parents who love their children too much to pass.

So, why are PEI graduates unable to secure decent employment opportunities in Singapore?

Were the education that they received inferior education? Or is it because what they have studied has no relevancy in the job market? Or are they perceived as expensive and inconvenient second rate Singaporean graduates?

Or is the civil service (being the biggest employer in Singapore) harbouring employment prejudices against them and employers in the private sector simply do likewise?

It is such a crying shame if many of our PEI graduates eventually end up as another private car driver or "protection officers" who are really just security guards.  These is a grim situation against a backdrop of thousands of foreigners who are holding Employment Passes and S-passes in Singapore  

Singaporeans must pay dearly in different ways when they elect an incompetent government that is unable to create any more opportunities for its people. 

Our citizens must by now realised that there are heavy prices that they must pay for electing a useless PAP government who cannot fly any higher or any further anymore. 

Today's PAP government is no longer the very capable PAP government of yester-years. 

Time to wake up before all is too late. 

Simon Lim

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