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11 Apr 2019
Movement for change
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PAP policy cause locals to lose jobs

I posted this remark - It is PAP policy that cause locals to lose jobs, not the foreign workers who took the jobs.

I explain in more detail.

a) PAP does not want to have a minimum wage. Many jobs pay wages that are not sufficient for locals to make a living. The employer employs foreign workers for these jobs. 

b) Even the public sector, which can afford to pay the higher wages, use outsourcing to get foreign workers to do the work.

c) Locals have to do full time national service and ten years of reservist duty. Some employers do not like to employ locals because the call up for reservist duty disrupts their work schedule. They prefer to employ foreigners.

To help locals get jobs, the PAP has to change the following policies:

a) Set a minimum wage that is adequate to meet the cost of living in Singapore and give priority for locals to take these jobs.
b) Stop outsourcing of work in the public sector - and employ locals for these jobs
c)  Reduce full time national service to one year (and pay an adequate allowance) and reservist duty to three years.

Tan Kin Lian

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