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08 Apr 2019
Ministry of Law
Negative View - 429
Laws need to be enforced

This PAP government is very good at passing legislation and laws in Parliament because of their absolute majority advantage. We have laws against many offenses and irresponsible behavior. But laws on their own, if they are not backed up with serious and regular ground enforcement efforts, is a toothless tiger at best.

Examples of lax or no enforcement are too many.

They range from users of personal mobility devices zooming at fast speed in and out of pedestrian walkways. Some of them are even more blatantly on the roads but no enforcement ever happens to the riders. Residents in my block are holding lighted cigarettes going up and down the lifts even with a CCTV inside the lift, but nothing ever happens to them.

People crossing traffic junctions even when the red man is on happens so often all over Singapore and nothing ever happens to them. Indiscriminate littering all over Singapore attract little consequences on the offenders too. Last but not least, indiscriminate lane cutting at the Woodlands causeway almost always have no consequences on the offenders despite the presence of many surveillance cameras.

When enforcement efforts are lax, few and far in between or almost non-existent, it will only embolden offenders' behavior.

The utterly hopeless Lee Hsien Loong is a glaring disgrace to the achievements, good names and reputations of the old guard Ministers.

 Simon Lim

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