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07 Apr 2019
Prime Minister Office
Negative View - 280
Remove wasteful and unproductive work

An operator of a child care center told me that his staff has to spend quite a lot of time to check eligibility for grant. They have to chase parents for documents to prove their income level and other matters.

This is an example of wasteful unproductive work.

It is better to offer the same grant to all citizens, regardless of income level and type of housing. If the govt is short of funds, just increase the income tax. 

I see this type of wasteful work in many parts of our system. For example, medical treatment also has different types of grants.

It is one reason why Singapore has a high cost of doing business.

This high cost has eventually to be paid by the consumers. It increases our cost of living.

I wish to see all of these unproductive work being removed. We should be spending time to do useful work, rather than unproductive and wasteful work.

There are too many of this kind of wasteful work for me to name. It is "all over the place".

Tan Kin Lian


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