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02 Apr 2019
Ministry of Home Affairs
Negative View - 293
Offensive lyrics of songs

I am puzzled by the action of the home affairs minister to pass the "offensive lyrics" of some popular songs to the MPs in Parliament. Click here.

Is he trying to tell me that the MPs got nothing to do, but to discuss these "offensive lyrics" ?

Who are the people who were offended by the lyrics? Before the minister brought it up, I have not heard any complaint.

If I do not like the lyrics, I do not buy the songs. I do not need to be offended by these lyrics.

I would only be worried if the people who like these songs and the lyrics start to create trouble for other people. So far, I am not aware that this was a problem.

Why create an issue out of thin air? Can we deal with real problems when they arise, rather than imagine the problems that may not materialize?


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