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19 Mar 2019
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Use USSD to buy data package

I tried to buy the Starhub data package for use in Phuket. Their app had a bug, so I could not buy the package.

I asked the Grab driver to allow me to use his hotspot for free. It served my purpose.

I found later that I could use the USSD code to buy the package as follows:  USSD: *100*5*1#

I suggested to Starhub to have a link in the home page of their app (before login) to show the useful USSD codes. A customer who has no internet connection can still send a request to the USSD code.

The Starhub data package cost $5 for 1G and is available for 3 days. It is higher than the local data packages, (e.g. I pay RM 1.5 for a 1G on Digi i Malaysia), but I find the $5 to be acceptable.

Tan Kin Lian


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