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17 Mar 2019  (1175 Views) 
Movement for change

Be positive in sharing your support for alternative voices
Once in a while, I see remarks posted here from people who said - do not just complain (they use the expression kpkb). Go and contest the next general election. 

I do not know whether these people are PAP moles who has the goal to cause distraction and uncertainty to the alternative voices or whether they are just plain stupid.

I want these supporters of the alternative voices to know that it is not just a matter of contesting the general election. A candidate do not automatically get elected just by contesting in an election. The exception is a candidate on a white ticket in a safe GRC with an anchor minister. 

Voters who are fed up with the PAP do not just vote any non PAP candidate. They want to know the candidate - his character, his views, his background. 

These people need to express their views in the social media. Even the established parties, such as the WP or SDP, need to be active in social media to reach out to the voters. Even if they have an active social media presence, they find it difficult to reach out to the voters who are generally apathetic.

So, the negative remarks are not helpful. If you want to support the alternative voices, you have to be positive and helpful.

Let me share with you who are the positive people. 

About 300 of them turned up at Hong Lim Park at the protest arranged by the Peoples' Voice Party. At least, they take the trouble to show up and give their support. They have the courage to be seen at the protest rally. They already scored many points compared to the other supporters who only appear in the social media. 

Those so called supporters who post negative comments should really be ashamed of their bad behavior.

I was further encouraged by the generous donations of several dozen people who came forward to put $10 or $50 into the donation box to defray the expenses of the rally. They are showing their support in a most positive way, with the little money that they can afford to spare. 

These people really show to me that it is worth while for other people to come forward and stand in the general election and offer an alternative choice to the people. 

I want to also share with you the good work done by Terry Xu of The Online Citizen. He is still being charged, and in my view quite unfairly, for criminal defamation by the Attorney General's Office. His only act was to post an opinion by a person who alleges "corruption at the highest echelons of government". He still faced the charge after agreeing to take down the offense post. 

What did Terry Xu do at the rally? He posted the speeches live. You can view all the speeches held during the three hours here. 

I recommend you to listen to the speeches by Brad Bowyer, Leong Sze Hian and Lim Tean. Click here.

There are brave people who are willing to take the risk and express their views on why we need a change of government. You can hear them at Hong Lim Park. Are you willing to support them?

I am now 71 years old. I can afford to retire and enjoy my remaining years. But I am afraid that the future for the people in Singapore will continue to get worse under the bad policies of the PAP. So, I am willing to speak out and convince people to support an alternative. (Do not describe me as kpkb).

Tan Kin Lian


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