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17 Mar 2019
Prime Minister Office
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What is Islamophobia?

The Straits Times described the terrorist attack on two mosques in New Zealand as Islamophobia (fear of Islam) and carried out by right wing ideology of white supremacist groups.

It did not explain the underlying cause of Islamophobia or the goals of the right wing ideology. 

I had the impression that it was a reaction to the violence and attack on churches carried out by the Muslim extremists or Jihadists.

Someone send to me a document that spells out the ideology of a white supremacist group. It gave me a different perspective.

The document explains the worry of the low birth rate of the white population and the high birth rate of the Muslim population. It cast a fear that the white population will eventually disappear be grossly outnumbered and will disappear from the earth.

So, the key concern is the issue of birth rate. 

Surely, this is also a concern for Singapore, which has one of the lowest birth rate in the world?

Before I proceed further, let me state that I strongly condemn the religious hatred and mass killing carried out by any religious or other groups.

There are better ways to deal with the problem. We must first understand and address the root cause of the problem.

Why is there a low birth rate in the world, except for the Muslim population? In my view, it is the result of the capitalist system.

The capitalist system has produced gross inequality and has raised the cost of living for ordinary people. Most of them cannot afford to raise many children. Many remain unmarried or raise only one child.

The Muslims are an exception because they are generally less materialistic and more obedient to the religion which encourages procreation.

To increase the birth rate around the world from the non Muslim population, we have to adopt a more socialist approach. The cost of raising children should be borne by the state and not the individual families. To manage the cost to taxpayers, the state can set a limit of up to three children per family.

This government will need more revenue for the state to bear the cost of raising children. Instead of raising more taxes from ordinary people, the government can reduce the spending on defense and increases taxes on the super rich.

The higher spending on raising children will create more jobs in the economy for child care, education, health, transport and recreational activities for the local population. This will be a good outcome.

Tan Kin Lian


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