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06 Mar 2019
Infocomm Media Dev Agency (IMDA)
Negative View - 294
Exorbitant charge for roaming data

My mobile operator charged me  $14.42 for 586 K of roaming data in a nearby country. This worked out to $24.60 for 1M of data.

I usually pay $1 for 1 G of data from the local provider in a nearby country. So, the rate charged by my mobile operator is 24,000 times of the package rate. 

Although the mobile operator set a cap on the daily charge according to country, it still does not change the fact that their basic rate is exorbitant. 

In my case, I have set my iPad to stop roaming data. It did not work. Some of the apps retrieved data in the background at the exorbitant rate. The only option was to close mobile data completely, but this can be overlooked.

I suggest that the authority required the mobile operator to charge for roaming data at a more reasonable rate. Perhaps the cap can be $1 per 1M of roaming data, subject to a daily limit.

Tan Kin Lian


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