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03 Mar 2019
Prime Minister Office
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Many things that I like about Singapore

There are many things that I like about Singapore. Here are some of them:

a) A good living environment
b) An honest and hard working people (but with some exceptions, i.e. people who make a living by cheating other people)
c) An honest government (but with some exception, i.e. perceived favoritism of some connected people).
d) Things still work - electricity, water, transport, health care.

But there are things that I do not like about Singapore. Here are some of them:

a) High cost of living
b) High stress level
c) Low birth rate
d) Wasteful spending on defense, infrastructure, and computer systems.
e) Unnecessary complications in our daily lives - like different charges for treatment in hospital and fees for child care, complicated terms of employment for local and foreign workers.

On the whole, the negative seemed to be bigger than the positive. We need to recognize and address our weakness, as they are long term in nature. 

But I would not be totally negative about Singapore. We still have some good points.

Tan Kin Lian


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