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28 Feb 2019  (566 Views) 
Ministry of Health

Treating foreign workers in A class
I read a letter in the Straits Times that an employer was quoted a fee of $15,000 to $18,000 to send a foreign maid for surgery that was expected for 5 days. This was probably the rate being charged in A class ward.

I find it ridiculous for the foreigner worker to be sent to A class ward for treatment at the employer's expense when a local worker is probably treated in C class.

I suggest that the government should allow a foreign worker to be treated in C class ward, as the expense is being paid by the employer. 

The government collects a monthly levy from the employer to employ the foreign maid or worker. This levy should also cover the cost of providing the subsidized medical treatment.

While the employer can buy insurance to cover the medical treatment, there is still the anomaly of providing medical treatment in A class for a foreign worker - as they are paying the non-subsidized rate.

A separate approach can be taken for foreign workers on E-Pass where they employer is not required to pay any levy. In this case, the employer has to pay the non-subsidized charges.

I hope that the Ministry of Health can sort out this anomaly in the treatment of foreign and local workers.

Tan Kin Lian


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