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25 Feb 2019  (848 Views) 
Immigration and Checkpoint Authority

Have a ribbon in the passport
Over the years, I realised that one of the time consuming process for immigration at checkpoint was when the officer need to flip through the passport to look for the entry immigration stamp of bearing the latest date.

Before I left for my Europe trip last year, I added a ribbon on my passport cover. Some immigration officer would put the ribbon on the page they have stamped and when we return from our trip, the officer would just turn to the correct page.

The immigration officers no longer needed to seek out the stamps page by page, it is especially convenient when there isn’t a departure card.

I have asked the Singapore Immigration officers if the ribbon would help. Her reply is that it would be helpful for her overseas counterparts, as it is a Singapore passport. It did not need to be stamped in Singapore.

If so, I believe that Singapore could be the first country in the world to incorporate the ribbon page marker for the passport. It is a simple and easy solution to save time.  But of course there are more advance systems already in place. But there are also many places yet and unable to provide such technology for now.


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