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18 Feb 2019
Movement for change
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Need to review old policies

I express my opinion after I carried out the basic research. It may concern an area that I am not an expert in, e.g. health care or defense or any government ministry.

I present the facts that are available and the policy choice that I am prefer. I state my reasons for making that choice.

I have received the following kinds of responses:

a) Some people are less familiar with the topic and make their criticism based on a "sense of superiority". They think that their views are correct but in most cases, it was based on a misunderstanding of the situation. I do not wish to argue with them, because their minds are closed.

b) Some people present facts that I was not aware of, or showed that my facts were not correct. They may also interpret th facts differently from me. I find these comments to be helpful in the discussion of the subject. In most cases, their present their views in a polite manner. They do not presume that they are correct and I am wrong.

c) Some people have a blind trust in the authority. They said, "the people in charge knows how to make the right decisions". In some cases, they might even quote "state secrecy" to stop the discussions. This kind of blind trust may hide wrong decisions that were made for many years and were not recognized and not corrected.

d) Some people agree with my views and their state their agreement. They also give the reason why they agree. This is helpful. We need people to express positive as well as dissenting views.

We have many problems that were not addressed over the past years and decades. They have become worse. For example, we have a high cost of living, insecurity of jobs, a low birth rate, inefficiency, high cost of doing business, depleting values of HDB flats and other problems. 

We need to review the old policies and approaches and find better solutions for the future.

Tan Kin Lian


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