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16 Feb 2019  (652 Views) 
Ministry of Defense

Use regulars to train NS men
A former NS officer, who is now in his fifties, told me that he disagrees with the current approach of getting NS officers and NCOs to train NS recruits.

He observed this training when his son was called up for basic training. He said that it is better to get regulars to do the training for the following reasons:

a) The NS officers and NCOs are young and inexperienced in handling the NS recruits. They do not know if the recruits are unable to cope with the training or make false pretenses.

b) An older trainer, who has many years of experience in training recruits, will be able to tell the difference. The knowledge of handling different kinds of people come through experience.

I agree with him. I also prefer that the training be carried out by regulars who has many years of experience.

I have another reason. If we do not use NS officers and NCOs for training new recruits, we will be able to complete the full time NS training within one year. This will include three months of basic military training and 9 months of vocational training. 

Switzerland is able to complete the full time military training in 5 months. A duration of 12 months will be more than adequate in Singapore.

i suspect that the longer duration of full time NS service (currently 24 months) is to give time for the NS officers and NCOs to spend one year to train the next batch of recruits. I disagree with this approach. I prefer to use full time regulars to be trainers.

Tan Kin Lian

Please vote (agree, disagree) to the suggestion that full time NS can be reduced to 12 months and training be carried out by regular trainers.


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