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15 Feb 2019
Ministry of Health
Feedback View - 160
Review the medical record prior to treatment

Dr. Manjiri wrote this letter that was published in the Straits Times:

I agree with Dr. Manjiri that it is useful for the doctor to review the medical records of the patient to prepare for treatment.

However, I wonder if this is being done at present. 

When I went for two separate cataract operations in recent years, I was asked to go through a medical examination each time to ensure my fitness for the operation.

I felt that the visit and expense were unnecessary, but I had to agree to the protocol of the hospital. If they had gone through my medical records, would they be able to make a decision to avoid the additional examination?

I also wonder if the protocols are being created to allow hospitals to increase their revenue, rather than for the welfare of the patients.

Tan Kin Lian

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