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14 Feb 2019
Ministry of Home Affairs
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Rebutting the allegations of the American

The American who is involved in the HIV data leak has posted several allegations in his Facebook. 

The govt agencies, namely the police and prison service, have given a detailed reply to rebut these allegations which are described as baseless and outright lies. The statement  described the American as a "pathological liar".

I commend the govt agencies for their response. It is appropriate. (But there is no need to be personal, and describe him as a pathological liar).

However, I am worried that the govt agencies may be compelled to respond to further new allegation that may appear. They have other important matters to attend to.

i wish to suggest this approach.

I suggest that they can ignore any future new allegation posted by the American. With the initial response, the public can judge if the American is a credible person.

If he continues to post baseless and untruthful allegations, there are grounds to charge him in court for being a public nuisance.

However, there may be some way for him to air his grievances, in case he has really been mistreated by the govt agencies. How about inviting the American to talk to an independent party to get his statement and to ask for evidence to collaborate his statement.  

I suggest that as a better way to deal with people who have a grievance with the way that they have been treated by people in authority. It should apply to all residents, and not this particular person.

Tan Kin Lian

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