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12 Feb 2019
Ministry of Defense
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Not possible to outsource all maintenance work

The minister of defense said that it is not possible to outsource all maintenance work. He said that basic maintenance has to be done by NS technicians so that the equipment can function during operations.

I suggest that the basic maintenance work should be done by SAF regulars and not by NS men.

Here are my reasons.

Many people know how to drive a car. How many drivers are able to carry out the basic maintenance of the car?

To be able to carry out the basic maintenance properly, we need to do it regularly. We cannot do it once in a year or two and be expected to do it properly. 

Will I trust the maintenance of my car to a NS car who is trained to do it once a year? I would not. The same reasoning applies to the maintenance of our military equipment.

If the basic maintenance is simple, it can be handled by the operator, and not be specialized technicians. The use of NS men to carry out basic maintenance work is flawed. It is time to review this approach.

Tan Kin Lian

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