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08 Feb 2019
Land Planning
Suggestion View - 248
Provide shared bikes as a public service

I do not need to use a bike. I can walk to my bus stop to go to office and back.

But I still hold the view that we should provide shared bikes and make it viable.

Other people may need it.

I do not hold a view only from my perspective. I also look at what is needed by other people.

I hope that people can look beyond their self interest and look at the common interest.

Of course, we do not want the shared bikes to clutter the streets and pavements. This problem can be managed by the people in charge. They just have to come forward and take the responsibility.

Shared bikes should be operated as a public service. It is similar to providing shelters for bus stops. It is made available to people who take buses for transport.

As a public service, shared bikes can be provided free of charge, or at a modest fee. The rest of the operating expenses can be met out as a state cost. Just like education. 

Tan Kin Lian


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