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07 Feb 2019
Movement for change
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Support change along both routes

Many citizens born between 1945 to 1965 supported the PAP under the first generation leadership but are disappointed with the current government under PM Lee. 

The found the current leaders to be:

a) incompetent
b) self serving
c) arrogant.

These disappointed citizens come under two groups, when it comes to supporting the alternative parties:

a) The first group wants the alternative parties must be able to form the govt 

b) The second group wants the alternative parties to aim for a large number of seats in Parliament without the goal to form a government, as it may scare away the middle ground voters.

I find both goals to be acceptable. It will be good for the future of Singapore under both scenarios.

a) A strong opposition in Parliament will be able to force the ruling party to change some of its bad policies.

b) An alternative government will be able to bring about change, even though they may have to struggle for some time to put matters right.

I ask these disappointed voters to keep an open mind and to support the alternative parties, without insisting on their specific point of view. We need change and there is no point in arguing over the route that needs to be taken. Both routes will lead to change, and should be for the better. 

Tan Kin Lian


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