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31 Jan 2019
Land Transport Authority
Compliment View - 199
Good rating for bus service

I have consistently given a high score for the quality of service provided by our buses.

My view is shared by many people, as reflected in this performance score.

Some people think that I am unhappy with the bus service because of their lack of digital display or voice announcement of the next bus stop or the erratic timing of the bus arrival times.

I do bring up this issues from time to time. They can be improved. But it does not impact my overall rating.

I do not just focus on the negative points and let them crowd my views. I take a look at the overall picture.

I like the bus service for these reasons:

a) It is air conditioned and comfortable. I often can get a seat during the off-peak hours.

b) It is reliable and frequent.

c) I can get to many places by making one or two changes at the same bus stop. I used a good app to help me to know the bus to take and to change.

d) The fare is quite inexpensive.

I must also point out the negative aspects.

The suggestions that I have made are not difficult to implement. They are taking a long time to be implemented. The lack of reply from the Land Transport Authority and the bus companies is not acceptable.

Overall, I still give a high score for our bus services.

Tan Kin Lian

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