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28 Jan 2019
Central Provident Fund
Negative View - 235
Paying contribution to CPF

I submitted my contribution to CPF for January 2019. I used their online submission process. 

I made the mistake of entering January 2018, instead of 2019. The website did not alert me to this error. It could, because I have been submitted the contribution regularly every month during 2018.

The website calculated interest at the rate of 20% per annum for almost one year delay in payment. I thought that I missed a contribution in January 2018. I did not understand why they did not inform me earlier. 

I was sure that I had contributed monthly, so I could not have missed January 2018. I removed the late payment interest and submitted the contribution.

Later, I realized that I had entered the wrong month. I sent an e-mail to notify CPF of the mistake. 

They could have easily rectified the mistake and changed the year from 2018 to 2019. But they did not.

They sent to me a detailed instruction for me to submitted the alteration online. I had to login again to their website and enter the company code, the staff code, the password and the CPF reference number. I also have to login with my SingPass mobile. The app was not working, so I had to try a few times to get it through.

I have to search through a long webpage to identify the form. I was not sure which online form I had to use, because it was not explained in the email. 

I finally found it. 

I have to enter the date of submission and the amount, together with the previous and the current dates. Most of these information are not available to me. They are available in the CPF database, but it was not displayed for me to pick. After a lot of trouble, I managed to submit the correction. 
Let me tell you what is wrong with the CPF process:

a) They could have highlighted to me that I had already submitted January 2018, so it was obvious that my contribution was for January 2019. They did not. (Talk about a Smart Nation with a stupid computer system).

b) After I sent an email, it was easy for the staff to rectify the error. But they did not. They asked me to go through a complicated online process.

c) They could have entered the details into an online form and sent it to me to certify with my corporate pass. It would have been easy for me. But they have a really complicated process. 

Welcome to Smart Nation, Singapore. They really know how to make life miserable and complicated for the citizens.

Tan Kin Lian.


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