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The percentage swing against the PAP is based on the votes submitted by the public. You can use this as a guide to indicate the percentage swing that is likely to happen in the next general election. Click here to carry out the simulation. 
You can also submit your own votes of the swing. You will earn 5 points for submitting your vote

High cost of living994.57
High salary of ministers994.40
No value for HDB after 99 year lease994.38
No withdrawal of CPF at 55994.29
Defamatory action against bloggers514.22
Increase in public transport fares814.16
Arrogance of minister994.16
Court case against Aljunied MPs864.13
Difficult to find jobs994.13
Unhappiness over reserved president834.11
Dispute between PM Lee and siblings513.86
Death of NS men during training643.78
Failure of new hawker centers863.78
Unhappiness over GRC system993.70
Frequent train breakdown993.43
Restriction of exports from Malaysia513.06
Landing rights over Seletar512.73
Problems with Malaysia992.64
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