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Integrity of online voting

This website is a prototype of an online voting system. It demonstrates that an online voting system can be made secure and safe from hackers and fraudulent manipulation.

It has a register of voters and allows each voter to vote only once. The voter has to register with a password and a 2FA authentication (not shown in this prototype).

The voter has to submit his vote on several ballots (or issues). They include the election at the national and local levels and referendums. Different voters live in different parts of the country (identified as zones) and their ballots differ from one zone to another.

The results of the election can be viewed at the end of the voting day. For the purpose of this prototype, you can see the results immediately after submitting your vote. 

The votes are updated to the primary database under the control of the election commission. A copy of the votes is stored in a database under the control of the supreme court.

The votes from the two database can be compared and if they do not match (e.g. due to fraudulent alternation), the vote is disregarded. 

The votes are identified by a serial number. This ensure that the identity of the voter is kept secret. 

Different parties are given control to a copy of the counting software. They can run the software on the database to check the counting of the votes to be correct.

To test this prototype - click here and receive the ballot paper for the next eligible voter. You can submit your vote.

The Audit function compares the votes stored in the Audit database against the Primary database. Any differences are flagged out. This is to check the integrity of the voting system against fraudulent alterations. Click here to view the audit function.

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