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Issues that have closed recently

View 27 Jan 2020What will happen to Taiwan after the landslide win of President Tsai29340
View 27 Jan 2020Does Singapore still have a high level of non-corruptibility?33500
View 26 Jan 2020Is the US implementing economic sanctions correctly?28420
View 26 Jan 2020Is the US promoting democracy and freedom?31440
View 25 Jan 2020Why does MOM not provide data on PMET employment?29640
View 25 Jan 2020Should the POFMA hearing be held in open court?29460
View 24 Jan 2020PM Lee said that govt online transactions are convenient.26180
View 24 Jan 2020What is the best way to make small payments?27150
View 23 Jan 2020MOM will strengthen the Fair Employment Framework29660
View 23 Jan 2020The education minister will review the need to hold back PSLE/GCE certificates29730
View 22 Jan 2020How would you describe President Trump's approach in the recent Iranian conflict31670
View 22 Jan 2020How would you describe minister Chan Chun Sing?371470
View 21 Jan 2020Which option do you prefer for our national defense.35850
View 21 Jan 2020How should our education policy be changed?35800
View 20 Jan 2020Who should take the blame for the shooting down of the Ukrainian plane in Iran?31940
View 20 Jan 2020Was it a wise decision for Singapore to spend $3.5 billion on new fighter plans?31940
View 19 Jan 2020Should Singapore move towards e-payment, instead of paying cash?32690
View 19 Jan 2020Do you expect Iran to launch more attacks against American interest?31670
View 18 Jan 2020Has POFMA been implemented properly on the first four actions?35790
View 18 Jan 2020Will the hostility between US and Iran escalate into a war?33760
View 17 Jan 2020Should the Minister for Manpower withdraw the POFMA orders against SDP?36820
View 17 Jan 2020Is it proper for the Minister for National Development to give a directive to AHTC?35880
View 15 Jan 2020Why do consumers prefer cash and credit card payments?33850
View 15 Jan 2020How can we ensure locals get jobs over foreigners?37940
View 14 Jan 2020When will the Singapore general election be held?301040
View 14 Jan 2020What is a good way to help people cope with loss of jobs during a recession?34870
View 13 Jan 2020Is it proper for America to kill the military head of Iran?301060
View 13 Jan 2020President Trump threaten to attack 52 Iranian sites29960
View 12 Jan 2020Which description best fits Heng Swee Kiat?351070
View 12 Jan 2020How will most food delivery riders respond to the ban on using PMD on footpaths?36900
View 10 Jan 2020Which description best fits PM Lee?382040
View 10 Jan 2020Which description best fits Dr. Mahathir?371130
View 09 Jan 2020Should injured people in an accident be sent to a nearby private hospital?39970
View 09 Jan 2020Should children in Xinjiang be sent to state "education centers"?341130
View 08 Jan 2020Is it good for LTA to stop the car pooling service between SG and JB?441290
View 08 Jan 2020Shouild CPF release the name and details of the complainant?451190
View 07 Jan 2020What are your views about economic prospects for 2020?451290
View 07 Jan 2020Should Singaporeans stand united with the government?471460
View 06 Jan 2020What is your opinion of Lee Hsien Loong?462110
View 06 Jan 2020What is your opinion of Boris Johnson?401290
View 05 Jan 2020Is it acceptable to require prisoners to do work that is fit for them?401100
View 05 Jan 2020Was the phase one trade deal between USA and China good for these countries?401060
View 04 Jan 2020Public transport fares are likely to increase due to better service standards411130
View 04 Jan 2020What should be the waiting time for the green man to appear at pedestrian crossing?431020
View 03 Jan 2020Which characters is positive for the next president of America?321060
View 03 Jan 2020How should pet owners deal with climbing vet fees?371070
View 02 Jan 2020Should organizations make it easy for their customers to send emails?391210
View 02 Jan 2020Who do you prefer as the next president of America.32780
View 01 Jan 2020Ong YK will review the MOE practice of holding back certificates due to arrears.411590
View 01 Jan 2020Is it all right for the state to conduct surveillance in the public areas?401350
View 31 Dec 2019Should households install a water filter system?381430
View 31 Dec 2019Is the landslide win by Boris Johnson good for the UK?34730
View 30 Dec 2019Should the ban on use of PMD on footpaths be relaxed for food delivery411290
View 30 Dec 2019Will the world be better if all countries are led by women?441270
View 29 Dec 2019Do you like elevated walkways to link MRT stations to nearby streets?392230
View 29 Dec 2019Does POFMA suppress the free expression of views?41170
View 28 Dec 2019MOM said that employment of PMETs has increased019391370
View 28 Dec 2019The ministers used POFMA fairly to correct falsehoods.381590
View 27 Dec 2019Which of the failures of these govt policies affect citizens the most?461380
View 27 Dec 2019Which change in rule on HDB do you like most?401420
View 26 Dec 2019Should Aung San Suu Kyii be penalized for the genocide of Rohinga people?401410
View 26 Dec 2019Will Brexit be positive for the UK?341390
View 25 Dec 2019Should Anwar Ibrahim get his chance to be the PM of Malaysia?421390
View 25 Dec 2019Should the CISCO officer who stopped the PMD rider be penalized?481500
View 22 Dec 2019Who is responsible most for the death of the victim in the Bukit Batok fire?411780
View 22 Dec 2019A virtual telco in Singapore has suspended its operations.37740
View 21 Dec 2019Should the road be renamed in Sengkang and Punggol?35760
View 21 Dec 2019Which HDB town has the best system to name the roads?311160
View 20 Dec 2019Should the school syllabus be lightened?371330
View 20 Dec 2019Should a separate lane be built for cyclists and PMD riders?391340
View 19 Dec 2019The govt question AHTC on their decision to ignore the motion passed in Parliament.371550
View 19 Dec 2019Is it good for parents to send their children for tuition?351220
View 18 Dec 2019Was it fair for the police to call up Gilbert Goh for investigating the Hong Lim rally?351310
View 18 Dec 2019The AHTC refused to recuse the 2 MPs from being involved in financial matters.37910
View 17 Dec 2019Is it a good idea for Singapore to change the musical composition of the anthem?411860
View 17 Dec 2019Should the Cross Island MRT Line go under the nature reserve?401120
View 17 Dec 2019What is your prediction for the UK General Election?2460
View 16 Dec 2019What is your opinion of Batam?401330
View 16 Dec 2019Are you happy with the system of democracy in Singapore.441730
View 15 Dec 2019What will happen to the dispute within the Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR?)301140
View 15 Dec 2019When was the last time you visited Batam?391250
View 14 Dec 2019Is it proper for a person to allege that there is corruption at the highest level?381710
View 14 Dec 2019Do you agree with the criticism of international media on govt's recent use of POFMA?361060
View 13 Dec 2019What is the best outcome for the future of Hong Kong?41140
View 13 Dec 2019Is there corruption at the highest echelon of our government?40130
View 12 Dec 2019Does the Chinese communist party produce a good government?37680
View 12 Dec 2019PM Lee wants to introduce a good package to deal with the economy.371770
View 09 Dec 2019How will China respond to the success of the democrats in HK local election?351350
View 09 Dec 2019Is the Singapore economy in trouble?381350
View 08 Dec 2019Should PMDs be allowed on foot paths?401210
View 08 Dec 2019Should compulsory education be entirely free?391190
View 07 Dec 2019Should PM Lee avoid making remarks on the Hong Kong situation?431580
View 07 Dec 2019Should the school hold back the PSLE result slip when parents owe money to the school?391210
View 06 Dec 2019Should the footpaths be shared with PMD riders?461550
View 06 Dec 2019Should SAF officers fly business class for military exercises?451310
View 05 Dec 2019Is central planning good for a country?401540
View 05 Dec 2019How do you read the landslide victory for the democrats in Hong Kong?441720
View 04 Dec 2019What is your opinion of President Xi Jinping?471380
View 04 Dec 2019Will democracy provide a good government for a country.411500
View 03 Dec 2019Which system of election do you prefer?431630
View 03 Dec 2019What is your opinion of President Trump441290
View 02 Dec 2019When is the general election likely to be held?49930
View 02 Dec 2019Should the govt review the ban on PMD using the footpaths?461360
View 01 Dec 2019Should the govt compensate the PMD retailers for the unsold inventory due to the ban?481390
View 01 Dec 2019Should the 2 servicemen take the blame for the death of aloysius Pang?44870
View 30 Nov 2019Will US and China sign phase on of the trade deal in 2019?371310
View 30 Nov 2019Is the American system of democracy a good model for the world?351370
View 29 Nov 2019Will you support a relaxation of ban on PMD using walkways41750
View 28 Nov 2019Was it proper for the high court in Hong Kong to rule that the ban on face mask 351330
View 28 Nov 2019How will the ban on PMD using walkways affect the votes for PAP?351330
View 27 Nov 2019How should the Hong Kong govt deal with the latest student unrest?311430
View 27 Nov 2019Do you agree with a Singaporean First policy?321480
View 26 Nov 2019Should the People Liberation Army be used to clean up the debris in Hong Kong?331400
View 25 Nov 2019Is there a future for Hong Kong?381520
View 25 Nov 2019What is your opinion of Donald Trump?311320
View 24 Nov 2019Singapore has a good future. Agree?381740
View 24 Nov 2019Should the AHTC MPs recuse themselves from the financial affairs of the council?361030
View 23 Nov 2019Was it proper for the food delivery people to meet the MPs at the Meet the People sessions35940
View 23 Nov 2019Singapore has a bleak future. Agree?382381
View 22 Nov 2019Should the govt relax the ban on the use of PMDs on walkways?41960
View 22 Nov 2019Should the govt implement the ban on PMDs on pavements immediately?33980
View 21 Nov 2019Should the govt have disallowed the use of PMDs in the first place?561230
View 21 Nov 2019Does Singapore need to maintain a high level of defense spending?371530
View 20 Nov 2019Why do some people still vote PAP in spite of its bad policies?651970
View 20 Nov 2019Should the govt use tax payer's money to compensate the PMD riders?511760
View 19 Nov 2019Will voters heed LHL's call to give a strong mandate to PAP to face the future challenges?591860
View 19 Nov 2019If every thinking person vote against PAP, will the PAP fall?601430
View 18 Nov 2019Should Singapore brand hotels operating overseas employ more workers from Singapore?481660
View 17 Nov 2019How can the govt address the grievances of the delivery riders who use e-scooters?442770
View 17 Nov 2019Should Singapore modify the system of getting three quotes for procurement?471700
View 16 Nov 2019Is it proper for Heng SK to move a motion against the MPs involved in the AHTC case?482340
View 16 Nov 2019Do you agree with the ban on PMDs from using the pavements?491850
View 15 Nov 2019What is an appropriate outcome for Ramesh?531610
View 15 Nov 2019Do employment agents give kick back to HR managers to employ foreigners?491590
View 14 Nov 2019What makes you vote against PAP?541120
View 14 Nov 2019Which PAP policy do you dislike most?551800
View 13 Nov 2019Do you support the current national service policy of the PAP?561790
View 13 Nov 2019What makes you support PAP?461810
View 12 Nov 2019Are the security in condominiums run well generally?491430
View 12 Nov 2019Did the PAP betray the people of Singapore in recent years?521800
View 11 Nov 2019Donald Trump said he built the greatest economy in the history of America42860
View 10 Nov 2019Is the general behavior of Singaporeans gracious?561580
View 10 Nov 2019Should the western part of Singapore used used to test autonomous cars?371410
View 09 Nov 2019Will the CECA agreement cause Heng SK to lose votes?591680
View 09 Nov 2019Is the behavior of the netizens towards Ramesh of JP Morgan appropriate?531500
View 08 Nov 2019When will Anwar Ibrahim take over as prime minister523000
View 08 Nov 2019Which issue will cause the biggest loss of vote to PAP?59320
View 07 Nov 2019Does America have the right to send in troops to "protect Syrian oil"?591300
View 07 Nov 2019Which outcome do you prefer for the general election.611660
View 06 Nov 2019Is it acceptable for the US to kill a leader of ISIS?531420
View 06 Nov 2019Should Ramesh be expelled from Singapore?581810
View 05 Nov 2019Which type of property would you choose as an investment?551650
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