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Issues that have closed recently

View 28 Mar 2020Where did the corona virus originate?41110
View 28 Mar 2020What is the best way to use the Tap Card?3480
View 27 Mar 2020Is it acceptable to hold a general election in the midst of the corona virus epidemic?43850
View 27 Mar 2020What is the biggest factor in stopping the spread of the virus?40710
View 26 Mar 2020Will China export corona virus test kits to other countries?35790
View 26 Mar 2020When do you expect general election to be called in Singapore?39650
View 25 Mar 2020What is the most important measure to deal with the economic downturn?42550
View 25 Mar 2020Should the govt take on the duty to ensure that all citizens have jobs?37520
View 24 Mar 2020Should everyone avoid going out?41910
View 24 Mar 2020What cause the collapse of the stock market on 9 March 2020?351070
View 23 Mar 2020Did the HK police acted appropriately in dealing with the protesters?34780
View 23 Mar 2020Will the handling of the corona virus gives more votes to PAP?29950
View 22 Mar 2020Why is the corona virus less harmful in Singapore?38940
View 22 Mar 2020Do you agree with the govt's approach towards the Costa Fortuna cruise ship?30610
View 21 Mar 2020Should schools be closed to prevent the spread of the virus?411090
View 21 Mar 2020Did the government handle the corona virus epidemic well341701
View 20 Mar 2020Will PM Muyhidden continue for the rest of the term?391050
View 20 Mar 2020How do you react if TKL is infected with the virus?401130
View 18 Mar 2020What will happen when the Malaysian Parliament meet in May?35190
View 18 Mar 2020Will Malaysia be peaceful during the next two months.38180
View 17 Mar 2020Should a MP be allowed to switch parties?421000
View 17 Mar 2020Should a sovereign wealth fund be transparent in its investments?431060
View 16 Mar 2020Will the opposition be able to bring down the Muhyiddin govt?441100
View 16 Mar 2020Will the corruption cases against the Umno leaders be dropped?46870
View 15 Mar 2020Who was the biggest traitor to the Pakatan Govt?421080
View 15 Mar 2020How do you find the Healthy 365 app35950
View 14 Mar 2020Is the stimulus measures in Budget 2020 encouraging?451110
View 14 Mar 2020Was Dr. Mahathir the master mind behind the coup plot?421210
View 13 Mar 2020What are the disadvantages of using cash?44970
View 13 Mar 2020Who is likely to be the next prime minister of Malaysia?391050
View 12 Mar 2020What is the best way for contact tracing391020
View 12 Mar 2020What are the advantages of the Tap Card?401160
View 11 Mar 2020Should we use Singlish?461000
View 11 Mar 2020Who should bear the cost of screening and treatment for the covid-19 virus421190
View 10 Mar 2020Is it time to buy shares for long term investment?41160
View 10 Mar 2020Will covid-19 epidemic get worse?431910
View 09 Mar 2020Do you prefer a new way of queuing using an online platform?391120
View 09 Mar 2020Will you adopt a e-payment card if it can be accepted widely381160
View 08 Mar 2020How should the authority deal with a fallen tree to remove the traffic congestion431010
View 08 Mar 2020Which statement do you agree on contact tracing431100
View 07 Mar 2020Which measure is best to stop the spread of the virus?441030
View 07 Mar 2020What is the best way to stop the spread of the virus?441020
View 06 Mar 2020Is contact tracing a useful activity?471090
View 06 Mar 2020Do you expect a cure for the covid-19 virus soon?481240
View 04 Mar 2020Should the LTA set an expiry date for the transit card?47910
View 04 Mar 2020How do you find electric cars?45950
View 03 Mar 2020Who do you prefer to be the next president of the USA481160
View 03 Mar 2020What are your views about minister Chan's speech to SCCCI?521140
View 01 Mar 2020Do you like Budget 2020?441520
View 01 Mar 2020Should we set aside $5 billion to protect Singapore from rising sea level?47210
View 29 Feb 2020Is President Trump making America great again?461420
View 29 Feb 2020Are the people of Singapore patriotic?45910
View 28 Feb 2020Is it safe to travel to Johor during this period?461110
View 28 Feb 2020Should the state provide hand sanitizers at public places?451120
View 27 Feb 2020How often should temperature be taken for every person?451100
View 27 Feb 2020Who should take the temperature?411090
View 26 Feb 2020Will Tesla shares hit $1,000?351130
View 26 Feb 2020Is it good to have autonomous buses without drivers?39920
View 25 Feb 2020Should manual jobs be reserved for locals?411180
View 25 Feb 2020Is temperature screening a good approach to stop the spread of the virus?381250
View 24 Feb 2020Should we allow PMDs back on foot paths?37990
View 24 Feb 2020Should we give a new name to footpath?361020
View 23 Feb 2020Should we intensify temperature checks?351080
View 23 Feb 2020How can we encourage locals to become nurses?401150
View 22 Feb 2020How should the govt deal with 30,000 returning workers from China?411820
View 22 Feb 2020What are suitable as quarantine centers?361340
View 21 Feb 2020Is the minister for health managing the coronavirus crisis well?412190
View 21 Feb 2020Was it appropriate for the minister of health to issue DORSCON Orange?381480
View 19 Feb 2020Are most democratic countries running their election process fairly and efficiently?311170
View 19 Feb 2020Should we introduce a system of rationing for food?331050
View 18 Feb 2020Which country is run better for the interest of its people?291150
View 18 Feb 2020Are the people of China generally quite patriotic?311200
View 17 Feb 2020Should people under home quarantine and leave of absence be e-tagged?311080
View 17 Feb 2020China response to the novel coronavirus is laudable.311220
View 15 Feb 2020Do you expect the Wuhan virus to disappear by summer?291090
View 15 Feb 2020Will you wear a face mask as a precaution?321140
View 14 Feb 2020Should the face masks be sent to households by mail?341250
View 14 Feb 2020Was China attempting to hide the severity of the Wuhan virus?381330
View 12 Feb 2020Should Singaporeans patronize stalls run by locals only?301090
View 12 Feb 2020What is the likely source of the Wuhan coronavirus?261010
View 11 Feb 2020Is the Beijing govt quite transparent in handling the Wuhan virus episode?281280
View 11 Feb 2020Was the international media fair in reporting on the Wuhan virus episode?281250
View 10 Feb 2020Should temperature checks be implemented at the Johor checkpoints?292250
View 10 Feb 2020What is the best way to avoid being infected by the Wuhan virus32180
View 09 Feb 2020Should the govt evacuate the citizens that are stranded in Wuhan?321370
View 09 Feb 2020How should the govt deal with fake news on the Wuhan virus?291480
View 08 Feb 2020What is the biggest mistake made by LHL as PM?371870
View 08 Feb 2020Should the govt bear the full medical cost of treating citizens for Wuhan virus?361510
View 07 Feb 2020Will the Wuhan virus get out of control?361300
View 07 Feb 2020What was the biggest mistake made by LKY?361540
View 06 Feb 2020Is the health minister proactive in dealing with the Wuhan virus?381210
View 06 Feb 2020China is able to lockdown Wuhan and block travel.381060
View 05 Feb 2020Will Li Hongyi participate in the general election381300
View 05 Feb 2020How soon will a cure for the Wuhan virus be found?40180
View 04 Feb 2020How serious is the Wuhan virus epidemic?431070
View 04 Feb 2020Do you expect many people to die from the Wuhan virus?381140
View 03 Feb 2020How should a country deal with economic recession?371490
View 02 Feb 2020Will the Wuhan virus become very serious462000
View 02 Feb 2020Is the court being fair to SDP on the POFMA hearing?44130
View 01 Feb 2020Are food prices still cheap in Singapore47890
View 01 Feb 2020How should a large company respond to a recession?44880
View 31 Jan 2020Will Heng SK deliver a financial plan for the future?45160
View 31 Jan 2020Should family members be barred from holding key positions in govt agencies?47110
View 30 Jan 2020Will the property market in Singapore recover in 2020?361260
View 30 Jan 2020Are many PMETs losing their jobs in Singapore?431240
View 29 Jan 2020What should be the prerequisite for foreigners to be granted citizenship391180
View 29 Jan 2020Will global stock markets advance further in 2020?391130
View 28 Jan 2020What is the best outcome for the general election?351320
View 28 Jan 2020Do you believe in ghosts?351410
View 27 Jan 2020What will happen to Taiwan after the landslide win of President Tsai291140
View 27 Jan 2020Does Singapore still have a high level of non-corruptibility?331520
View 26 Jan 2020Is the US implementing economic sanctions correctly?281150
View 26 Jan 2020Is the US promoting democracy and freedom?31990
View 25 Jan 2020Why does MOM not provide data on PMET employment?291170
View 25 Jan 2020Should the POFMA hearing be held in open court?29820
View 24 Jan 2020PM Lee said that govt online transactions are convenient.26240
View 24 Jan 2020What is the best way to make small payments?27180
View 23 Jan 2020MOM will strengthen the Fair Employment Framework29980
View 23 Jan 2020The education minister will review the need to hold back PSLE/GCE certificates291230
View 22 Jan 2020How would you describe President Trump's approach in the recent Iranian conflict31980
View 22 Jan 2020How would you describe minister Chan Chun Sing?372010
View 21 Jan 2020Which option do you prefer for our national defense.351280
View 21 Jan 2020How should our education policy be changed?351190
View 20 Jan 2020Who should take the blame for the shooting down of the Ukrainian plane in Iran?311270
View 20 Jan 2020Was it a wise decision for Singapore to spend $3.5 billion on new fighter plans?311210
View 19 Jan 2020Should Singapore move towards e-payment, instead of paying cash?32890
View 19 Jan 2020Do you expect Iran to launch more attacks against American interest?31980
View 18 Jan 2020Has POFMA been implemented properly on the first four actions?351180
View 18 Jan 2020Will the hostility between US and Iran escalate into a war?331130
View 17 Jan 2020Should the Minister for Manpower withdraw the POFMA orders against SDP?361090
View 17 Jan 2020Is it proper for the Minister for National Development to give a directive to AHTC?351300
View 15 Jan 2020Why do consumers prefer cash and credit card payments?331090
View 15 Jan 2020How can we ensure locals get jobs over foreigners?371230
View 14 Jan 2020When will the Singapore general election be held?301270
View 14 Jan 2020What is a good way to help people cope with loss of jobs during a recession?341200
View 13 Jan 2020Is it proper for America to kill the military head of Iran?301350
View 13 Jan 2020President Trump threaten to attack 52 Iranian sites291330
View 12 Jan 2020Which description best fits Heng Swee Kiat?351280
View 12 Jan 2020How will most food delivery riders respond to the ban on using PMD on footpaths?361110
View 10 Jan 2020Which description best fits PM Lee?382160
View 10 Jan 2020Which description best fits Dr. Mahathir?371360
View 09 Jan 2020Should injured people in an accident be sent to a nearby private hospital?391190
View 09 Jan 2020Should children in Xinjiang be sent to state "education centers"?341380
View 08 Jan 2020Is it good for LTA to stop the car pooling service between SG and JB?441580
View 08 Jan 2020Shouild CPF release the name and details of the complainant?451460
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