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About Crowd
Wisdom of the Crowd

In creating issues for voting in the website, I try my best to be neutral. I like to present choices that reflect the positive and negative aspect of the issue. 

I am aware that the results depend on the people who participate in the voting. It is likely that there is a stronger bias towards people who are anti-establishment. I hope that the pro-establishment people can come forward to vote as well, to give a more balanced view of the votes. 

Whether the participants are pro or anti-establishment, I hope that they can vote based on the merits of each issue, rather than on their personal bias. 

Due to the bias, the results have to be viewed with caution. However, allowing for the bias, it is usually possible to get some useful understanding for the actual results. 

There is still another risk. I have access to the database. It is possible for me to manipulate the results or even to create fictitious votes. 

I have my integrity and will present the results as honestly. I am not interested to generate fictitious results. I have put in a lot of effort to develop this website, so I don't want it to be destroyed through abuse.

If someone wants to come in to audit the results, I am happy to make some arrangement. Maybe, we can create a duplicate database, so that the results can be validated. 

Tan Kin Lian

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