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Active issues
2021-01-28Will President Biden restore the prestige of America in the global arena?4
2021-01-28How was America's global standing under President Trump?4
2021-01-27Do you agree with the rules regarding visits during CNY?11
2021-01-26Will you take the covid vaccine as soon as it is available to you?12
2021-01-25Will US react strongly to the pressure that China put on Taiwan?14
2021-01-24Will President Biden's $1.9 trillion stimulus be approved by Congress?17
2021-01-23Is it risky to hold the World Economic Forum in Singapore in May 2021?19
2021-01-22Should the government set up special clinic and provide free covid testing?19
2021-01-22How is the performance of the ministers in charge of the covid crisis?20
2021-01-22What is your view on President Biden first few days in office?20
2021-01-19Will Donald Trump maintain his popularity with Republican voters?23
2021-01-17Will President Trump pardon himself?27
2021-01-16Will President Trump issue many pardons before he leaves office?25
2021-01-15How do you find the postal service in Singapoe?26
2021-01-14Is it wise for Congress to impeach President Trump?27
2021-01-13The media blamed President Trump for the riot at the Capitol on 6 January.26
2021-01-13Will the inauguration of President Biden on 20 January be peaceful?24
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