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Active issues
2020-03-27Is the social distancing regulations necessary?12
2020-03-27What is a good way to do contact tracing11
2020-03-26Which method is best to reduce the spread of the corona virus?15
2020-03-25What is the main reason for the increase in covid-19 cases?20
2020-03-25What is the best way for a business to cut cost during an economic downturn?19
2020-03-24What cause the low spread of the corona virus in Singapore22
2020-03-24Which country adopt a good approach to deal with the corona virus?23
2020-03-24Which country has a good political system in dealing with its challenges24
2020-03-23If the PAP hold an early election, how do you react32
2020-03-23Should Singapore impose a 14 day lock down now?34
2020-03-22How many people will be killed by the corona virus in 202033
2020-03-22When do you expect the global stock markets to recover?34
2020-03-21Is America helping the world by promoting "freedom and democracy"?36
2020-03-21Should the government call an early general election?39
2020-03-20What is the best way to stop the spread of the virus?41
2020-03-20Is it a good decision for Malaysia to impose a ban on international travel?39
2020-03-18How will the covid-19 virus be eliminated?41
2020-03-18How serious will the corona virus pandemic become?38
2020-03-16Should we introduce driverless buses?38
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