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Active issues
2020-06-28Should the circuit breaker be continued in July?17
2020-06-28What outcome do you prefer for GE2020?18
2020-06-28What do you expect will be the result of GE2020?19
2020-06-26Why does Khaw BW decide to retire from politics?24
2020-06-26Your reaction to the news that Goh CT is retiring from politics.25
2020-06-26Are badly designed govt websites costly to the nation? 26
2020-06-26Is it difficult to submit transactions with govt websites?27
2020-06-25Will Lee Hsien Yang make a big impact in the general election30
2020-06-25Are you worried about corona infection due to the general election30
2020-06-25Is the Safe Entry exercise useful?30
2020-06-25If you get a new flat, are you willing to engage a surveyor to check on defects?29
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