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02 May 2024  (5513 Views) 
Tan Kin Lian - Perspectives

Some potential issues with ERP 2.0
For the past few years, I wondered how ERP 2.0 would be implemented. If the GPS data for every vehicle is sent to the cloud for processing, it will cause a congestion.

From the latest specification, it would appear that the data is processed locally in the on board unit (OBU) and deducted from the cash card.

Some motorists complained that it is difficult to access the cash card located at an inconvenient place. They probably need it to enter and exit the car park. I suggest that they use a separate cash card for parking.

Earlier, I thought that the ERP charges should be deducted from an online account, rather than from the cash card. This approach would have simplified the design of the OBU unit. But this approach was not taken.

I forsee the following difficulties that will arise with ERP 2.0

a) Some motorists may deactivate the OBU, to prevent the ERP charge from being deducted from the cash card. Under the current ERP 1.0 system, there are cameras at the gantries to take a photos of the offending vehicles. I wonder how this will be managed when the gantries are removed.

b) The locations of the virtual gantries have to be stored in the OBU memory. As these locations are changed or new gantries are introduced, the authority will have to update the OBU units in millions of vehicles. While this can be done through an over the air software update, it may be difficult to ensure that all the units are updated.

I wonder how the authority (i.e. the Land Transport Authority) will handle the above two issues. I suppose that they have already taken them into account, and will wait for the answer to be given in due course.

Tan Kin Lian

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