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28 Apr 2024  (3808 Views) 
Tan Kin Lian - Perspectives

A new approach towards recruitment
I suggest the following method to improve the recruitment process and cut down the wasted time in reading resumes and conducting interviews.

1. The employer specifies the essential details of the job vacancy in a job portal.
a. Brief details of job duties, working hours, place of work and remuneration
b. Education and work experience required

2. An interested applicant can submit an online applicant and state any shortfall in the education or work experience or inability to meet the job duties or work conditions.

3. The recruiter can select the shortlisted applicants and discuss with them individually using an online chat or meeting.

4. The selected applicant can be invited to submit a resume and attend an in-person interview to finalize the terms of appointment.

5. The online portal states the progress of the recruitment to notify all the applicants.
This approach will cut down the time spent by the recruiter from reading many resumes and conducting interviews. It also reduces the time spent by a job seeker and improves the chance of finding a suitable job.

Please comment, from your personal experience, if this new approach is more efficient and workable.

Tan Kin Lian

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Hi may I know and request new information and real meaning behind this work that my parents said more about you? I don't like Commonwealth Secondary School teachers who judge me badly the number one teacher who judge me badly too. I don't treat people poorly and use English words excellently and still learning them whenever I have a chance in my free time too but I don't know about Blackpink fandom that they are scared off.  28 Apr 2024  

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